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Placing a family member in a long-term care or nursing home facility is rarely an easy decision and always comes with a great deal of emotional and financial stress. Discovering that those you trust are negligent in healthcare or financial management practices adds another level of anxiety. At Osborne & Associates Law Firm, P.A., our civil litigation attorneys have helped numerous clients recover damages for physical injuries as well as unlawful financial practices.

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More and more people are seeking assistance from nursing homes and long-term care facilities. The 2010 Census indicated that 13% of the population, or 40.3 million people, are age 65 or older. With these statistics, the number of those vulnerable to elder abuse and negligent practices also increases. Medical negligence cases encompass a variety of different problems that many people face and occur in all types of locations including:

• Long-term acute care facilities
• Rehabilitation centers
• Assisted living facilities
• Nursing homes
• Group residence homes

In all of these facilities, there are a number of different scenarios where negligent behavior is evident. Our malpractice and negligence attorneys routinely handle cases involving:

• Medical errors
• Drug errors
• Wound care
• Bedsores
Wrongful death
• Improper billing practices

Financial abuse through over billing and improper insurance filing practices is one of the most common types of legal actions our attorneys handle.

There are many causes of nursing home neglect including:
• Understaffed facilities
• Failure to communicate with the patient, family member and other members of the patient’s healthcare team
• Fraudulent concealment of mistakes

In many cases, incidences of abuse or negligence are not reported by the facility and family members are unaware of problems. Family members must be proactive in monitoring their loved one’s medical and financial care and report suspicious actions promptly. Our malpractice attorneys are able to help you investigate claims, examine medical records and develop a strong plan of action to compensate you for harms caused by another’s negligence.

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Nursing home negligence cases are often highly emotional and financially taxing. At Osborne & Associates Law Firm, P.A. our attorneys strive to make the process of seeking legal restitution as seamless and efficient as possible. To schedule a free consultation, call 561-293-2600 or contact us online.