Joe Osborne Secures $2 Million For Plaintiff Dr. Brian McDonald in Zimmer Kinectiv Hip Implant Trial

Joe Osborne and co-counsel Randi McGinn secured what is believed to be the first verdict in the country for the Kinectiv Technology hip implant manufactured by Zimmer.

One month after the initial surgery McDonald required revision surgery, replacing all components except for the stem base.  An additional surgery was performed 16 months later, which was followed with a 6-week course of IV antibiotics as all of the necrotic tissue caused by corrosion induced metallosis was not able to be removed. The court stated that it “is more than probable” that he will need a third even more complex revision surgery sometime in the future.

The court found that Zimmer did not fully or adequately test the configuration of the new modular design as they tested the individual components in isolation when it is known that there is an interaction between components of the system and performance of the system.

The court further found that “the unreasonable risk of metallosis, whether from corrosion, micro-motion, fretting or some other mechanism, makes the MLTK with a metal CoCr head a defective product.”

For further detail read the full Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law.

Joseph Osborne Secures $26.7M Verdict For Multi-Plaintiff Injuries From Boston Scientific Pinnacle Mesh Device

Joseph Osborne was part of a trial team that secured the first federal court verdict in the country against Boston Scientific regarding injuries to four women from the Pinnacle mesh device. Jurors awarded Osborne’s client more than $6.7 million. Boston Scientific Corp. was ordered to pay $26.7 million to the group of women who claimed injuries from the company’s vaginal inserts. Jurors awarded Amal Eghnayem, Osborne’s client, more than $6.7 million.

“Jurors in federal court in Miami in November 2014 found Boston Scientific officials designed their Pinnacle pelvic-organ implants defectively and failed to properly warn doctors and their patients about the device’s risks” Joseph Osborne, said in an interview with Bloomberg.

The verdict is the first in a federal case against Boston Scientific over the Pinnacle inserts and the first to combine more than one plaintiff’s claims.

Joseph Osborne Secures Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Trasylol Settlement with Bayer Pharmaceuticals for $9.475 million

Joseph A. Osborne was appointed to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee for the Trasylol Multidistrict Litigation in West Palm Beach, Fl. Trasylol, a drug used to limit bleeding during heart surgery, was marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals as a safe and effective medication. In 2006, after the drug had been on the market for nearly twelve years and was used in approximately one-third of heart operations in America, a study performed by Doctor Dennis Mangano indicated that the use of Trasylol had serious side effects. These included kidney damage, kidney failure, and even death. Bayer took little notice of Dr. Mangano’s findings and continued to sell the drug for another two years, until, the FDA urged that Trasylol be withdrawn from the market in November 2007.

In this two year period, Trasylol was found to be the cause of approximately 22,000 deaths and numerous catastrophic injuries. Through aggressive advocacy, and most importantly, unparalleled dedication and support for its clients, Joseph A. Osborne was pleased to announce a settlement of $9.475 million with Bayer to resolve its Trasylol claims.